Our service package for buyers

It only takes 7 steps to be the owner of your dream home. We support you in finding your perfect property and accompany you up to signing the notarial sales contract. Learn more about what you need to consider when buying a property:

1. Finding a property

The dream of owning your own house.

Do we offer your dream property? In this case, we are looking forward to receiving your non-binding request. We gladly provide you with all details about the property. Not found what you are looking for? Please contact us using our contact form and inform us about your preferences. We will contact you immediately.

2. Property viewing

The first impression counts.

To get an idea of the property on-site, you can arrange a non-binding viewing of the property with one of our real estate agents. They will also provide further information about the location of the property, the structure of the building, the interior design, etc. This way, questions and uncertainties can be answered directly on site.

3. Reservation of the property

More time to deliberate and decide.

It is possible to reserve each property for a few days. Should you decide to purchase the property after this period, we will draft a bid for the property together with you, which will be submitted to the seller. A cheque will be enclosed with the bid as a deposit for confirmation (Art. 1385 ZBG), which will be deposited with Immobilien Niederkofler until the corresponding bid is accepted. If the offer is accepted, our legal department will prepare the preliminary purchase contract.

4. The preliminary sales contract

Before signing the sales contract.

When buying real estate in South Tyrol, it is common practice to sign a preliminary sales contract before signing the notarial deed of purchase. This contract is binding for both parties and requires the conclusion of the final sales contract. Usually, the payment of the deposit/extra payment is due at this time. Only after the conclusion of the sales contract and the registration in the land register, the ownership is transferred to the buyer. If the buyer withdraws from the preliminary sales contract, the selling party can keep the paid deposit. If, on the other hand, the seller withdraws, the buyer can claim twice the amount of the deposit.

5. The sales contract

Transfer of ownership.

After the conclusion of the sales contract and registration in the land register, the ownership is transferred. The final sale contracts are signed in the presence of a notary, who drafts them in the form of private documents with certified signatures of the involved parties. In contrast to the public documents obligatory for donations in Italy, for which the notary is responsible, a notarisation is only the certification that the signatures of the involved parties have been given and their identity verified in the presence of the notary. In the latter case, the notary does not assume any responsibility for the content of the contract.

6. Taxes when buying a home

Accurate calculation.

Taxation is based on the use of the property (e.g. first home, second home, luxury home,…). The incidental taxes are paid by the buying party (unless otherwise agreed).
Purchase from a private individual:
Registration tax (2% or 9% on the cadastral value),
fixed mortgage tax (€ 50.00), and fixed cadastral tax (€ 50.00).
Purchase from a construction or building company:
4%, 10% or 22% VAT of the purchase price,
fixed fees of € 600.00 (registration, mortgage, and cadastral taxes).

7. Support after the conclusion of the sales contract

Customer service even after signing the contract.

Even after the conclusion of the sales contract, we continue to be available to our customers. We remain your contact person and are happy to advise you on upcoming real estate matters (lease contracts, purchase contracts, etc.).