Buy real estate in agriculture and forestry in South Tyrol

You are planning to buy an agricultural property in South Tyrol? In that case, we are the perfect partner for you. Over the past few years, we have been increasingly specialising in brokering agricultural and forestry land.

6 Properties

- Villa Ottone

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Marebbe - Plisa

287 sqm



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San Martino in Badia - Center

150 sqm



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Vandoies - Vandoies di Sotto


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Experts on Agricultural and forestry properties

Whether forest plots in Pustertal, meadows, and fields in the rural Ahrntal or orchards in Bozen and the South Tyrolean Unterland, our experts will be happy to assist you in the purchase or sale of these plots. Our technical office, as well as our lawyers, are detrimental to a cohesive customer service, considering that agricultural land such as woods, fields, meadows, and pastures involve some special requirements which exceed the professional competence of a regular real estate agent. For the procurement and evaluation of hunting and fishing rights, we can also provide experts on-site who are happy to help!

You would like to sell an agricultural property, or you are a hard-working farmer looking for new challenges? Do not hesitate and contact our experts.

Around 3.500 farms

Traditional farms and so-called “closed-farms” (farms including woods, meadows, fields) are also available in our portfolio in the section “Residential properties”. The “closed-farm” is a legal institution that aims to ensure the preservation of traditional family farming. It is regulated by the so-called “Farm Law” and entails numerous legal and technical characteristics. The “closed-farm” is a combination of residential buildings, farm buildings, and agricultural land which form an indivisible unit and can therefore only be sold as such but not in parts. There are about 3,500 closed farms in the Pustertal.

Immobilien Niederkofler has been playing a decisive role in the brokerage, consulting, and valuation of these kinds of properties over the past decades.