The property purchase cycle
Purchase a property in 7 steps. We are happy to help you look for the property of your dreams and sign the notarial deed of sale. The points to bear in mind when purchasing a property are shown below:
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1. Looking for a property
Your dream home
Is your dream home among our proposals? Don't hesitate to make a non-binding request. We will be pleased to give you all details of the property. Haven't we got what you're looking for? Simply tell us what you want and contact us using the relative form. We will get in touch with you immediately.
2. Viewing
First impressions count
We will be pleased to show you the property with no obligations so that you can get a clearer idea. During the visit, the estate agent will give you detailed information on the position of the building, architectural structure and furnishings, etc. Any questions and doubts will be addressed during these individual free visits.
3. Reservation
The time required for consulting and decision-making
You can reserve any property for a few days. If you then decide to purchase it, we will help you to draw up a proposal and submit it to the seller. A bank cheque must be attached to the purchase offer as a deposit (Art. 1385 Italian civil code). This cheque will be held by Immobilien Niederkofler until the offer is accepted. Once the offer is accepted, our legal department will draw up the preliminary contract of sale.
4. Preliminary contract of sale
Prior to the deed of sale
When purchasing a property in South Tyrol, a preliminary contract of sale is usually signed before the real and proper deed of sale is stipulated. This preliminary contract is binding on both parties as it obliges them to sign the deed of sale and generally requires an initial earnest payment. Only after the deed of sale is signed is ownership transferred to the purchaser. If the purchaser breaches the contract and fails to sign the deed of sale, the earnest payment is lost. If the seller withdraws, the purchaser is entitled to twice the value of the earnest payment.
5. The deed of sale
Transfer of ownership
Ownership is transferred when the deed of sale is signed. This can be a public or private deed but it must be publicly certified as a public or private deed authenticated by a notary public. The latter has the disadvantage that the notary public is only responsible for the correctness of the signature, while the parties are responsible for content or technical errors. When the deed of sale is signed, the purchaser undertakes to pay the agreed purchase price less the deposit paid.
6. Property purchase taxes
Correct calculation
Tax is based on the use you make of the property (e.g.: first home, holiday home, luxury home...). Unless otherwise agreed, applicable taxes are charged to the purchaser. Purchasing from a private person: registration tax (2% or 9% of the cadastral value), fixed mortgage tax (€ 50.00) and fixed land registry tax (€ 50.00). Purchasing from builders or companies: 4%, 10% or 22% VAT on the purchase price, fixed fee of € 600.00 (registration tax, fixed mortgage tax and fixed land registry tax).
7. Assistance after signing the deed of sale
Aftersales customer assistance
Even after stipulating the deed of sale, we remain at the service of our customers. We are happy to continue to be your point of reference and provide you with future real estate consulting like rental contracts or a deed of sale.